“panic” button

The Awe Responder APP includes a Panic Button feature that can be used by responders to quickly request backup or assistance if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. The Panic Button uses the same geolocation technology as the Assignment feature to identify the responder’s location and assign the closest available backup responders to provide assistance.

When the responder presses the Panic Button, it sends an alert to the monitoring center, indicating that the responder is in distress and requires immediate assistance. The monitoring center can then dispatch backup responders to the location using the built-in navigation feature in the application.

The Panic Button feature is designed to provide an extra layer of safety and security for responders who may be working in hazardous or high-risk environments. It can help ensure that responders receive timely and effective assistance in the event of an emergency, and can help prevent or mitigate potentially dangerous situations.

alive signal

The “Alive Signal” feature is a button in the The Awe Responder APP app that allows the responder to periodically send a signal to the command center to confirm that they are still alive and safe while on duty.

This feature enhances the safety of responders and provides a means of tracking their location in real-time. The frequency of the signals can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the organization. In case a responder fails to send the signal within the set timeframe, an alert is automatically triggered in the command center to initiate a response to the responder’s location.

This digital means replaces the need to manually have your security personnel check in through older means like radio or cellphone.

route / checkpoints

This feature allows for transparency and accountability by allowing guards to send an arrival and/or departure notice every time they arrive or leave their post, as well as when they go through each control point defined for the round.

With this feature, supervisors and managers can track and monitor the progress of their guards and ensure that they are following the assigned routes and checking on all necessary locations. This can help improve security measures, increase accountability, and provide evidence of completed patrols.

Overall, the checkpoint feature in the responder app provides an effective way for security personnel to ensure that all areas are checked during their rounds and provides supervisors with the necessary oversight to ensure proper security measures are being followed.

news / digital ob

The OB (Occurrence Book) button in The Awe Responder APP is a digital tool that allows responders to report incidents using
multimedia attachments such as photos, videos, and voice notes. This replaces the traditional paper-based incident reporting system and provides a more efficient and transparent way of documenting incidents.

The OB button also allows the Command Centre to view and manage incidents in real-time, ensuring a faster response and greater accountability. Each log is accompanied by the events location to better understand where the incident is being reported from.


The Assignment feature in The Awe Responder APP allows an available responder who has been sent an assignment to accept the assignment from their smartphone. Once the responder accepts the assignment, they can view the location of the incident on a map within the application. The responder can then navigate to the incident using the built-in navigation feature, which can provide turn-by-turn directions to the location.

Once the responder arrives at the incident, they can signal their arrival and departure using the app. They can also attach multimedia files such as images, audio, and video to provide additional information and context about the incident. This information is transmitted to the monitoring center in real-time, allowing operators to quickly and accurately assess the situation and take appropriate action.

When the assignment is completed, the responder can affirm their departure using the app. This provides a clear record of the responder’s actions and ensures that the monitoring center has an accurate and upto-date record of all incidents and responses. Overall, the Assignment feature in The Awe Responder APP can help improve response times, increase situational awareness, and provide a reliable and accessible record of all incidents and responses.

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