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When a citizen presses one of the buttons on the Awe app, such as the Emergency button or the Community Reporting button, an event is generated and sent to the command center. The event includes the citizen’s location, which is determined through geolocation technology, and any additional information that the citizen provided when submitting the event.
At the command center, the event is received by trained operators who assess the situation and determine the appropriate response. The response may include dispatching emergency services such as police, fire, or ambulance, or dispatching community responders such as community police or security personnel.

The Awe app uses a location based system   to dispatch the closest available responder to the event. This ensures that responders can arrive at the scene quickly and efficiently. Awe app also provides push notifications to keep the citizen informed about the status of their event. For example, the citizen may receive a notification when a responder is dispatched, when the responder is on their way to the scene, and when the responder has arrived at the scene. This helps to keep the citizen informed and reassured that help is on the way. 

operator receives event

operator opens the event

operator assigns the closest available responder

responder receives assignment on the responder app

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